Kindle Countdown Deal – The Results

It has been a busy week, filled with forum lurking, promotion posting and twitter blasting. The Kindle Countdown Deal has now officially ended and as promised, below are the results. But first, a little introduction on how I approached this week: Goals: Reach the ROI (Return of Investment) point for the paid promotions Sell as … Read more

Kindle Countdown Deal: Windcatcher $ 0.99 until the 27th of May 2016

Windcatcher enters its first official Kindle Countdown period. Until the 27th of May kindle readers can grab the book for less than a dollar! Talk about bargain. 😉 I’ll be keeping track of the stats as the promotion runs throughout the week and post the results on the blog for those that are interested in … Read more

Goodreads announces eBooks Giveaways

Sometimes it is so obvious that the people behind Goodreads are the same minds that drive the Amazon empire. After Amazon introduced the ability to create eBook Giveaways online, it was only a matter of time before Goodreads would follow. Earlier this week on the 3rd of May the official announcement came out that, within the … Read more

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