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Book II – Wavebreaker – Flood (Part 2 of 2)

A daring escape and a fight to remember

The Stone King’s ships continue to spread across the known world, razing city after city. Serving High General Setra, Bronson is in the middle of it—protecting the twisted monster that holds his mother’s and twin sister’s lives in his hands.

In Aeterra, Raylan and his friends finally get their chance to warn the king and council, but with Xi’Lao imprisoned in the castle’s dungeon, Raylan doubts where his loyalty should lie. He has no intention to abandon his friend, but the king’s orders are law and not everyone in their squad is willing to risk the noose. Then, with things going from bad to worse, help arrives from the most unlikely of places.

Further south, the times of plenty have arrived on the red plains. Trista, Decan and Dalkeira do their best to fit in with the tribe, but conflict brewing beneath the surface does not make it easy. Shiri’s rivalry with the red-haired newcomer escalates and the first huntress’ actions lead to unforeseen consequences that might very well herald the end of the Minai.