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Book III – Blazebringer

There’s a thousand ways to die in the jungle and Raylan would like to avoid them all.

There’s no rest when you’re being hunted. While Raylan and Galirras try to get to know the waterclan siblings and Dalkeira better, the Stone King’s forces resurface and attack. Before he knows it, Raylan finds himself surviving the hardships of the Arosh’ad Islands’ jungle with a spear at his back and Trista’s traumatized younger brother, Decan, by his side. Frustrated by the forced detour, Raylan begins to question the path he’s on and the choices he’s made.

Meanwhile, Trista and the others turn the town of Baratta upside down to figure out what happened to Raylan and Decan. When even the dragons can’t locate them, distress forces them to cooperate with more… questionable characters for a chance to get everyone back safe.

Back east, Richard helps prepare a full-scale counterattack to liberate the city of Azurna. Together with Harwin, Galen and Brenton—the oldest Iron Prince of Tal’Kabur—they launch a daring, dragonless plan to stop the Doskovian invasion dead in its tracks.

The adventure continues! A new dragon awaits!