Book II – Wavebreaker – Trickle (Part 1 of 2)

Black ships darken the sea and sky, destroying everything they encounter. High General Corza Setra has mobilized the Stone King’s legions—but where is he taking them?

When Trista’s village is obliterated without warning, it’s up to her to keep her little brother and newly hatched dragon safe. She’s always held her own as one of the waterclans, but will her skills as a hunter be enough for her to conquer the hardships that await them on the road ahead?

Meanwhile, the pressure is on for Raylan and his friends as they flee the Dark Continent. Without their commander, the squad’s strong leadership is gone and those left struggle with the burden of the oncoming danger. Can they stop the Stone King’s forces—including the deadly ghol’ms—from ravaging the world as they know it?

Wavebreaker (Stone War Chronicles, #2, Part 1)