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Inspirational Art – February 2021

Iron Harvest has been on my to-be-played list for a while now. I’m an RTS fan (and (J)RPG and FPS… okay, simply put, I like gaming ;)) and I love the alternative historic setting with machines and urban life intertwining. So for this month, I wanted to highlight Jakub Rozalski (also known as Mr. Werewolf). He’s a Polish visual artist, born in 1981 (same year as me!) and best known as a creator of the World of 1920+ (Scythe, Iron Harvest). 

The machines have something very animal-like, which is awesome. You can see one of his inspirations is wild nature, with the dark and dangerous influences of folktales and myths popping up here and there. Check out his portfolio on ArtStation, or follow him on his twitter here: @mr_werewolf_art.