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I wrote a thing… The Best Fantasy Books with Dragon-Human Bonds

I like dragons… I think everyone knows that by now. So, when Ben Fox from Shepherd approached me with a request to make a few book suggestions that were related to my own, I happily obliged. My reading preference for dragon books are pretty focused though. I don’t like shapeshifting dragons, or the hot dragon romance novels you so often see floating around on Amazon.

No, I like my dragons to be part of the animal kingdom, part of nature and its hierarchy of predator and prey. With, or without, magical powers, but often intelligent in their approach. Apart from that, I highly value the bonds that we as humans can build. To another person… or animal. That’s where a different type of magic happens. And it is certainly part of the stories I create and it adds another layer of depth, of motivation and influence. But bonds between a dragon and a human come in many forms and shapes. And that makes it so interesting.

So, without further ado, here’s my recommendations of The Best Fantasy Books with Dragon-Human Bonds in them.

– A.J. Norfield