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I wrote a thing… The Best Fantasy Books with Dragon-Human Bonds

I like dragons… I think everyone knows that by now. So, when Ben Fox from Shepherd approached me with a request to make a few book suggestions that were related to my own, I happily obliged. My reading preference for dragon books are pretty focused though. I don’t like shapeshifting dragons, or the hot dragon … Read more

Reading in the modern day and age

When I grew up it was the era of the rise of the consoles. Nintendo changed the market and when Sega began the console war it changed many a living room. The last three decades television program choices have dramatically increased and with streaming like Netflix making things available at the touch of a button … Read more

Enter the draft and dragon origami!

Last week was pretty intense with the USA elections going on, and while I followed it with great interest, it surprised me a little how much it overpowered other news like (a still) unsuccesful brexit, or the devastating earthquake in Turkey and tropical storm that ravaged Central America. The media has so much power to … Read more

What happened to summer?

What a weird ass summer this was. With COVID-19 running around in the wild, people’s summer vacation plans pretty much went straight out the window… or at least mine/ours did. We were all set for a backyard holidays when friends offered us to stay in their house, while they were abroad. It was such a … Read more