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I wrote a thing… The Best Fantasy Books with Dragon-Human Bonds

I like dragons… I think everyone knows that by now. So, when Ben Fox from Shepherd approached me with a request to make a few book suggestions that were related to my own, I happily obliged. My reading preference for dragon books are pretty focused though. I don’t like shapeshifting dragons, or the hot dragon … Read more

Virtual FantasyCon 2016

This picture was sent to me by a fan; it’s by far the most exotic place I’ve seen Windcatcher being read. I’m sure Galirras would enjoy a wing-trip down to similar exotic and tropical places. In fact, book III will just do that (shhh don’t tell anyone). But first book II needs to get done! The first draft’s … Read more

Epic Sandcastle

What better way to spend the summer holidays at the beach with the kids? The weather was gorgeous—not too hot, nice little breeze, just perfect. So, what do you do at the beach, you ask? Exactly…build epic sandcastles. To create a bit of a challenge, we decided to make Azurna Castle out of sand. Raylan and Galirras … Read more

Kindle Countdown Deal: Windcatcher $ 0.99 until the 27th of May 2016

Windcatcher enters its first official Kindle Countdown period. Until the 27th of May kindle readers can grab the book for less than a dollar! Talk about bargain. 😉 I’ll be keeping track of the stats as the promotion runs throughout the week and post the results on the blog for those that are interested in … Read more