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Inspirational Art – June 2022

Browsing the internet you can come across some awesome art. This post we focus on Joe Requeza. He creates bookcovers and some amazing dragon art. He also seems to dabble in NFTs a little, which I can only encourage if it helps give him more exposure.  You can check out his work on his artstation, or follow him on … Read more

Inspirational Art – August 2021

We’re looking at a more established name today for August’s inspirational art. Chris Rahn is a freelance illustrator that has worked for clients like Magic the Gathering, Valve, D&D, Marvel, Hearthstone. His illustrations are varied and gorgeous. It doesn’t matter if he works on a D&D cover, or Magic the Gathering stuff. There’s plenty of … Read more

Inspirational Art – January 2021

George Bennett draws amazingly detailed animals. Sabretooth, monstrous frog, pictures filled with imagination.  My favorites among them being the dragons shown above. Wonderful compositions, and variations on the classic versions of these fantasy creatures. My only problem with Bennett’s work? There’s not enough of it out there yet! Check out his portfolio, or follow him … Read more