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Inspirational Art – December 2020

Aaron Nakahara has been on my radar for quite some time already. His spit/speed paints have something wonderfully dark and his compositions never feel boring; no matter if it’s a static pose or full-on action move. There’s some pretty grotesque designs in his portfolio (which I can totally dig), but his sword-including art, especially his … Read more

Inspirational Art – November 2020

Sometimes it’s just really nice to have a look at an artist’s progress over the years. This month’s artist: André Simões has a lot of focus on portraits, but doesn’t shy away from the occasional other-worldly approach.  The use of colors drew me in, but on top of that there’s some great ideas worked out … Read more

Inspirational Art – October 2020

This month’s artist: RJ Palmer specializes in creature design for film and video games. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, his art has been featured all over the world.  I love a good creature design, even more so if they are dragons and RJ Palmer has a ton. From non-cartoony pokemon/digimon, to uniquely designed … Read more

Inspirational Art – September 2020

There are so many great artists out there in the world. I thought it would be fun to share some of those I come across with all of you. First up is a pretty recent discovery. Philipp Urlich does incredible speed paintings in which he creates massive landscapes and grand story-telling situations. Check out some … Read more

Species Inspiration

People get inspired by all kinds of different things. To me, nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration. There’s so much beauty out there, but also danger, excitement and tragedy. Where there are humans, there’s a chance for conflict. Between ourselves, but also between us and the kingdom of animals. Dozens of species have … Read more

Inspirational Africa

Sometimes, my dayjob takes me to the far corners of the world. It is an opportunity to experience other cultures and meet new people. This time it was South-Africa, that was up for a visit. A place I had never been before. The schedule of these trips often don’t leave much room to write, apart … Read more