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What happened to summer?

What a weird ass summer this was. With COVID-19 running around in the wild, people’s summer vacation plans pretty much went straight out the window… or at least mine/ours did. We were all set for a backyard holidays when friends offered us to stay in their house, while they were abroad. It was such a nice gesture and was very welcome indeed to get away from all the hectic stuff and just unwind for a week.

With water close by (great for energy flows), we had a fabulous week with mighty sunsets (and plenty of mosquitoes). The kids couldn’t be dragged out of the lake, despite the super cold temperature of the water, and I was able to get some vitamin-D sunshine to recharge my batteries for the rest of the year. 


One of the coolest moments was our chance to see this summer’s comet in the night sky. Unfortunately the photo did not turn out super great, haha. These moving space bodies are really something else when you think about it, traveling millions of miles through space, seeing planets, stardust and everything in between. 

Summer comet

Those who are reading the Stone War Chronicles series might remember that a similar celestial body is present in the books. The idea came quite early in the series, while I was going back and forth with a friend on this developing epic fantasy. Because the world of Aeterra is in an era of change. Influences from within AND from out there, way up above in the black, dark sky, will have their impact on the world before this story is done. Nature is the first to notice, but certainly not the last.

Firebringer’s first draft is nearing completion (nearish), but how things evolve I’ll still keep a secret for now. Let me just say: this comet in Aeterra’s sky will have an increasingly larger role to play in events to come. 

That’s it for now. Just a quick ‘hello update’. I hope your summer turned out surprisingly good as well! Stay safe and healthy out there.

– A.J. Norfield