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Alive and Kicking

My online presence has never been my greatest strength. As I see my last post is almost a year and a half ago, I try my best not to cower away into a corner and cry. I could promise to post more regularly, but I hate breaking promises. So, let’s just say I’ll try to do better.

Though I’ve not written much for my website, work on the series certainly continued. These last few months I’ve spend time on the re-edit of Windcatcher. The story has not really changed, but I really wanted the book to step up another level in quality. Trouble was, I could not find the editor right for me. Those that I worked with before had no time, new editors ended up not being a right fit, until I finally landed on a choice at the other side of the globe. I’m very happy with this new editor and hope she and I will be able to work with each other for years to come. Together with her, Windcatcher has now been strengthened in narrative. Flow has slightly been adjusted, especially toward the end of the book and actions scenes have been tightened. 

The new files of book 1 have been uploaded already, so any readers that start the series now, will be able to enjoy the best version yet. We also dove straight into the editing of Wavebreaker part 2 – Flood, which has been lying in wait for the right editor for over 12 months. I hope to officially release it in the spring of next year, so people can finally continue their adventure with Trista, Decan and Dalkeira and find out what Raylan will come up with now that he’s finally home again.

I hope everyone will have an awesome holiday season. Surround yourself with friends and family. And, you know, feel free to tell them all about the adventures of Raylan and Galirras if you’re looking for a fun conversational topic at the dinner table.

– A.J. Norfield