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Wavebreaker Part 2: Cover reveal

The world is grinding to a halt to fight off COVID-19. And while people are stressed and fighting over toilet paper, the countries’ shutdowns across the world had at least one positive impact for me personally; my normal work travel time can now be spend working on my books.

Wavebreaker Part 2 – Flood was originally intended to be released over one year ago… The manuscript was written, I  had an idea for cover in my head and all. So, what happened? Well, I had a bit of a hunt for a now editor. This process can be a bit hit or miss in the self-publishing world, where people are busy with their own plans, try to help others, skills are difficult to validate and more. Long story short, I lost several months, got demotivated tot he point where I did not want to write anymore, before things finally fell into place again.

These last months I’ve been silent but working hard to get caught up on things. Windcatcher (book 1) has been re-edited, something I wanted to do since I recognized my very first editor had only worked on grammar and not so much story flow. As a result the beginning of Windcatcher is tightened, putting readers more directly into the story without too many info dumps. The story itself has not changed much, some small tweaks here and there, and a bit more personal perspective for Raylan from the beginning.

Once the re-edit was done, I jumped straight into the editing of Wavebreaker Part 2. Wavebreaker – Flood picks up right where part 1 ended. It throws the reader directly into the action and we find out how Raylan’s choices carry him forward in the grand conflict, while Trista tries her best to make a home for her, Decan and Dalkeira. 

New Cover Reveal

Naturally, a new book needs a new cover. I tend to blend our own world with that of my fantasy. There are some amazing places here on earth that deserve to be shown. Tristan Todd provided the great scenery photo as the baseline for this new cover, go check out his other amazing shots on his website and instagram.

Now, without further ado: Here is the cover for Wavebreaker – Flood:

Talk soon!

– A.J. Norfield