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Back to work on my second dragon novel

So it has officially been a week since my first dragon book ‘Windcatcher’ launched on Amazon. It is still very exciting and I feel like a kid before Christmas, constantly checking if I received my first review already (even though it is very unlikely that people will finish the book that quickly), hoping people will like it. I am super happy to see a number of people have picked it up, even if the majority are probably people I know (but who are those other unknown sales?!?!?). What is also very exciting is to see Kindle Unlimited readers are picking up my book and have already read 1200 pages this week! I hope that means a number of people have indeed finished reading the complete story already!

So yeah, kid before Christmas. In any case, the best thing I can do now is to focus on getting book two done. Luckily the first draft is taking shape quite well, even with the limited amount of time that I can spend on writing. I will keep people updated as I crawl toward the finish line. Once the first draft is done I will be curious to see how well my first novel is doing in the store.


– A.J. Norfield