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Shut up & Read

Shut up & ReadThe people at ‘Shut up & Read’ were kind enough to put up a Q&A with yours truly. Their Blog, as well as the group on Goodreads, is a great place to get information on books—self-published or otherwise. Besides reviews and guest reviews, they often have calls for their Read It & Reap program, allowing people to explore new books from unknown authors (*waves* Hello!) for free (and in exchange for an honest review).

WindcatcherIf you’re fond of reading, be sure to hit them up on their website and check them (and their fellow readers) out on Goodreads. But, before you go, let me know in the comments what your answer would be to question number 7! That was a tough one to answer…

As a side note: Windcatcher is now available on Amazon, Kobo, iBook, B&N, Scribd, Tolino and Inktera (previously PageFoundry). 24Symbols is taking a little while longer, but should follow soon. More platforms means more people are able to enjoy the book. So go now! And later tonight, go *sssh* & read—my book first of course. 😉

– A.J. Norfield