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Call to Action: Vote for Windcatcher

Voting at Ultimate Fantasy BooksThe road of self-publishing is long and full of challenges. Frankly, it’s a lot of work. Luckily there are many wonderful and interesting people to meet along the way, which makes the entire experience very pleasant and rewarding. Among them are the great people at Ultimate Fantasy Books, who hold a cover competition every year. This year Windcatcher (#30) is participating in the voting and I need your support!

Be sure to go over and cast your vote. Want the fast way—without seeing the covers of the competition? Just click this link, select Thirty in the list before hitting vote at the bottom of the poll-maker. The competition will have multiple rounds of voting, so if we do well, you can expect a follow-up call or two in the future.


Note: Voting is limited to one vote per IP, so remember to vote from home if your colleague has already voted from the office network. 😉