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Inspirational Art – June 2021

“Still learning and experimenting” she says today on Twitter… well I think Justyna Gil’s art already looks amazing! Great usage of light and the body dimensions she draws (which I always find hella hard to do) are on point! Very cool. There’s not a lot of her art out there yet, but the way she … Read more

Inspirational Art – May 2021

May is here! For this month’s artist were going full dragon! Isvoc puts together amazing displays of these majestic beasts!  A glorious (perhaps wind?)dragon and a cool waterdragon. What more do I need?  The creatures are as amazing as the environments and those that read my books know I love to paint big scenery pictures … Read more

Inspirational Art – March 2021

Those of you that have read my books will understand this month’s inspirational art very well. Kan Liu has a great dynamic skill and isn’t afraid to pull in elemental powers into his colour sketches. He also happens to be an Illustration art lead on Legends of RuneTerra at Riot Games. Anime shows like The … Read more

Inspirational Art – February 2021

Iron Harvest has been on my to-be-played list for a while now. I’m an RTS fan (and (J)RPG and FPS… okay, simply put, I like gaming ;)) and I love the alternative historic setting with machines and urban life intertwining. So for this month, I wanted to highlight Jakub Rozalski (also known as Mr. Werewolf). … Read more

Inspirational Art – January 2021

George Bennett draws amazingly detailed animals. Sabretooth, monstrous frog, pictures filled with imagination.  My favorites among them being the dragons shown above. Wonderful compositions, and variations on the classic versions of these fantasy creatures. My only problem with Bennett’s work? There’s not enough of it out there yet! Check out his portfolio, or follow him … Read more