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Protagonist interview – Raylan from Windcatcher by A.J. Norfield

my-turn-at-the-micThe following below was originally posted during the Facebook takeover event of Ultimate Fantasy Books. Once Raylan is back in Shi’del, I’m sure we’ll see more like the interview below.


Original Post:
A while back I saw a great website that did not interview the author of the books, but the protagonist! I found that such a wonderful idea, I invited Raylan from my book Windcatcher to take part in a character interview, just for this takeover! So without further ado, I would like to give the word to Raylan, for a quick chat.

– A.J. Norfield


Hi Raylan, thank you for taking the time and speak to us. I understand you’ll be heading out soon on a very sensitive mission?
No, problem! Happy to be here and yeah, it might be some time before I’ll be back again.

Anything you can share on said mission?
Sorry, I’m not allowed to say, I suspect my brother would kill me. It’s all very hush hush apparently.

Alright…well can you tell us a little about yourself then first? Where did you grow up? What did you do?
Sure thing. I’m born and raised in Shid’el, the capital of Aeterra. Against the mountain, it overlooks the farming fields of the Crescent Moon Massif. My brother and I used to go all around the city and beyond if we weren’t helping our father in the workshop. But, as I got older I just had to get out of there.

Why’s that?
Everything was getting too crowded. Gavin, my brother, wanted me to join the army with him. My father expected I’d help him at the shop, forever. I just wanted to see the world, to travel the oceans. So one night I skipped town and made my way to the very first merchant ship that was leaving Aeterra.
I bet your father and brother weren’t too happy about that.
My brother…well that’s complicated. My father isn’t one to hold on to his anger, it took a while, but I think he understood why I had to go. I just think he’s lonely without mother…besides, it didn’t take very long before I ended up here again.

Yes, I understand like many others you were drafted into the army a few years ago. What do you think of all the rumors going around? Any truth in monsters or armies up in the cold north?
Yeah, you know, we heard the rumors of people getting drafted for a war in the different harbors overseas, but I never expected to be plucked straight off the boat when we returned to Aeterra.
And monsters up north? I think some people have too much imagination, next thing you’ll know they’ll claim to see dragons fly across the sky. Haha. I mean, I’ve even heard some people talk about building a great wall up north—to keep the bad stuff out—ha, can you imagine? I think if the last two years of high alert has taught us anything, there’s nothing up north but forests and mountains. But, I’ll guess I’ll see for myself soon…

Oh, so your mission will take you up north?
*Raylan’s name is called in the background*
Coming! Sorry, I’ve already said too much. We’re about to leave, so…I must go. See ya.

But…we’re not done…yet…aaaaand I’m talking to myself. Well, there you have it ladies and gents, things are moving in the kingdom of Aeterra. Is it a secret mission to fight monsters? A royal convoy relaying a message? Or perhaps just a common scouting mission? Who knows…but I can tell you who’ll know first! So be sure to check in for the latest news and gossip at your local tavern…and while you’re there, you can always buy me a drink…