Summer update – Strong winds are going wide

The fact that I’ve been quiet, doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting still. Life has gotten a little busy, but I’m working my way through the editing; scrapping some things, rewriting others. All with the idea to present the next book in its best shape possible. After extensive backtracking and shifting of chapters (and a good … Read more

Species Inspiration

People get inspired by all kinds of different things. To me, nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration. There’s so much beauty out there, but also danger, excitement and tragedy. Where there are humans, there’s a chance for conflict. Between ourselves, but also between us and the kingdom of animals. Dozens of species have … Read more

Virtual FantasyCon 2016

This picture was sent to me by a fan; it’s by far the most exotic place I’ve seen Windcatcher being read. I’m sure Galirras would enjoy a wing-trip down to similar exotic and tropical places. In fact, book III will just do that (shhh don’t tell anyone). But first book II needs to get done! The first draft’s … Read more

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