Windcatcher soars to new heights

New cover, smoother reading and a great learning experience for myself. I’m happy to mention that the official editing round of ‘Windcatcher – Book I of the Stone War Chronicles‘ has been completed. The latest version of this dragon fantasy adventure is now available on Amazon. Now that the polished version is up on Amazon, I’ll … Read more

Edit Time – Windcatcher receives professional loving

Time flies when…you’re busy as hell. While I try to get at least a few thousand words down every week, for book II in the series, distractions are always there. All of them important (and most of them fun): like family, sleep, day-job, housekeeping, eat/drink/be merry, and more sleep. I am happy/sorry (cross off whichever does not … Read more

New dragon is born – Holiday Activities

So, unlike the frozen mountains of the White North, or the cold regions of Doskova, our winter has been strangely warm and without snow. I think I haven’t seen a white Christmas in over ten years. In contrast, progress on book II goes as slow as moving through five feet of snow, barefoot…with a dragon … Read more