Edit Time – Windcatcher receives professional loving

Time flies when…you’re busy as hell. While I try to get at least a few thousand words down every week, for book II in the series, distractions are always there. All of them important (and most of them fun): like family, sleep, day-job, housekeeping, eat/drink/be merry, and more sleep. I am happy/sorry (cross off whichever does not … Read more

New dragon is born – Holiday Activities

So, unlike the frozen mountains of the White North, or the cold regions of Doskova, our winter has been strangely warm and without snow. I think I haven’t seen a white Christmas in over ten years. In contrast, progress on book II goes as slow as moving through five feet of snow, barefoot…with a dragon … Read more

Back to work on my second dragon novel

So it has officially been a week since my first dragon book ‘Windcatcher’ launched on Amazon. It is still very exciting and I feel like a kid before Christmas, constantly checking if I received my first review already (even though it is very unlikely that people will finish the book that quickly), hoping people will … Read more

Book in review…

So…that’s it…currently my book is “in review” as Amazon KDP calls it. Which pretty much means everything has been uploaded and is ready to go. My first release ever, named ‘Windcatcher – Book I of the Stone War Chronicles’, will be available for purchase within the next 12 hours. It is very exciting and frightening … Read more

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